Network Connect Intelligent Call Routing Savings

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NEC's NETWORK CONNECT Intelligent Call Routing utilizes hundreds of enterprise-grade carrier networks and routes calls through the most cost-effective carrier network in real time to save your company up to 30% or more. Upload your bill below to see just how much you could save by switching to Network Connect!

Meet with a Network Connect expert to assess your bill and receive a FREE LUNCH ON US!

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Send us your enterprise phone bill(s) from any location. If you use multiple telecom carriers, provide all carrier bills you have available! The more information the better.

Free Assessment of your Current Carrier Plan


A NEC Network Connect solution expert will meet with you and perform a thorough assessment of your current carrier plan so to better understand your company’s usage patterns and telecom environment. This is where they will identify hidden fees, usage fees, call-time rounding and other fees your current carrier could be charging on your bill.

Identify How Much You Could Save with NEC Network Connect


Once an NEC Network Connect expert has performed a full assessment of your current carrier plan and your existing usage, we will calculate your bill based on your usage patterns with Network Connect.

Enjoy Immediate Savings with No Large Upfront Investment


An Expert will work with you to define a path forward to implement Network Connect Seamlessly. Once implemented, you will immediately see the cost savings on your next phone bill!

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